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Mission Statement

At Amerimet, we have learned that an in-depth knowledge of our customers and suppliers leads to lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. By the same token, we believe it is important that we share our mission statement with our business partners in order to provide them with insight into our organization, values and vision.

We define our identity as a metals processor, distributor and exporter of aluminum and steel products to manufacturers throughout the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America. Our mission is to be the best. In other words, we are on a quest for excellence.

Although the marketplace is replete with companies making claims of outstanding products and services, the truth is we live in a world of mediocrity. Excellence is easier to proclaim than it is to attain. When it is truly achieved, it is special. Our mission is to accomplish excellence through our actions in every facet of our business. Our pursuit of excellence in our everyday tasks and activities will inevitably lead us to greater productivity, lower-cost products, improved quality and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Our commitment to excellence is the core value of our corporate culture. It is the main theme that we tirelessly recite to our employees. It is the standard we demand from ourselves. It is the essential ingredient incorporated into every aspect of our endeavors. This relentless pursuit of excellence provides us guidance, perspective and clarity of vision. It serves as the compass that leads us to the next level. Our commitment to excellence is the driving force that ensures our sustained growth, continued success and exceptional performance.